Non-Contact Thermometer



1. Application

Display body temperature by measuring the thermal radiation on the forehead.


The thermometer is consisted of infrared sensor, microprocessor, liquid crystal display and other parts.

3. Cautions and warnings

  1. Please read this instruction carefully before
  2. The operating temperature of this product is 10 ‘C to 40 ‘C and the optimal operating temperature is 25c. 3.Please do not use this product under environment temperature above 40 ‘C or under 0·c.

4. To avoid electrical shock, please keep this product away from electrically charged objects.

5. This product may not be used when the relative humidity is above 80%.

6. Keep this product away from electromagnetic range (such as wireless, cellphone)

7. Avoid extended sun exposure, keep away from stove and no access to water.

8. Protect the product from collision or dropping, do not use it if damaged.

9. The accuracy of the measurement data might be affected by the objects on the forehead like hair, sweat, hat or scars

10. Assure the measurement distance within 15cm.

11. If the indoor temperature changes quite a lot, you have to keep the product within the room for 15 to 20 minutes before use. Then you can get accurate and reliable data.

12. Measuring behind the earlobe is adoptable when the forehead temperature cannot be normally reflected because of sweating or other reasons.

13. Wipe the surface of the meter with alcohol for clean if

14. If any problem, do not repair it Please contact the distributor for help.

Colour of device will vary according to stock availability