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FAMKA supplies high quality Medical Diagnostic Kits and other medical supplies for Clinics, Hospitals, home and mobile users on a global scale. With our GLOBAL distribution centres, we have access to the world. Deliveries are made easy via the courier based services.

Are HIV home test kits reliable?

 The Home Access HIV-1 Test System is an extremely reliable home test kit. Studies show that it will detect virus, which causes AIDS more than 99% of the time and has been proven very accurate in getting a positive result from your blood sample when used correctly with care instructions included on each package..

The accuracy rate may vary depending upon what type you opt for but overall these work well at determining whether or not one could have contracted Hiv/Aids through sexual contact as they do not use enzymes like medical devices such as Enzyme Immuno PConnellogram (EIP), confirmatory Western Blot procedure etc., instead just looking out directly where antibodies against this pathogenic agent

Can you test yourself for HIV at home?

Testing kits and self-tests are performed by a person at home or anywhere, and are used to get a specimen from people to see if they are positive. And are great diagnostic kits. All tests are approved by the labs of  SAPHRA.

How long can you stay undetectable?

Durably undetectable means that it’s been at least 6 months since the last time you had an undetected viral load, and now your levels are permanently in a “durably” state. This takes much longer than just stopping treatment once someone has achieved an initial recovery from infection with HIV – usually people need to stay on medication for about 12-15 months before they can be sure their virus won’t come back again (or give themselves away).

Which HIV home test kit to buy?

HIV (1&2) 3 Pack Rapid Test Kit (Home Test Kit) R 165.22

The advanced quality Rapid ANTI-HIV (1&2) Test is a colloidal gold enhanced, rapid immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of antibodies to human immunodeffiency virus (HIV) in human whole blood, serum or plasma from all groups (including neonates, pregnant woman, etc). This test is a screening test, and all positives must be confirmed using an alternative test such as a Western Blot.

What’s Included ?

The test kit includes everything you need to complete the test:

  • Alcohol preparation pad
  • Lancet
  • Pipette
  • Cassette
  • Diluent

How To Use The Kit

Follow these simple steps to complete the test:

 Clean the finger with alcohol swab.

  • Bring the safety lancet, and then twist the knob.
  • Pull out the knob.
  • Place the activated safety lancet firmly on the finger. Push the trigger to prick the finger.
  • Draw up blood into the plastic.
  • Add one drop of blood to the ‘S’ well.
  • Add two drops of sample diluent to the ‘D’ well.
  • Wait 15 minutes to interpret the results.

Reading The Test Results

Positive: Both purplish test band and purplish control band appear on the membrane. The lower the antibody concentration, the weaker the test band.

Negative: Only the purplish control band appears on the membrane. The absence of a test band indicates a negative result.

Invalid: There should always be a purplish control band in the control region regardless of the test result. If the control band is not seen, the test is considered invalid. Repeat the test using a new test card.